Adopted Beagle That Was Deathly Afraid Of The Shelter Adores Her New Dad

When Eric Fox went to the shelter, one-year-old Beagle Peanut didn’t immediately come up to him. She stayed near the back of the cage and watched him afar, despite the thought that a puppy would normally be so happy to interact with someone who wanted to see her. Obviously, she was terrified from her almost two weeks in a kill-shelter, and most likely what came before it as well.

Other families had looked past Peanut, probably for her quietness and reservation, but Eric and his family knew she was the dog for them. They saw past the scared exterior into a dog that desperately needed a home. Not just any home, however. Their home.

When the Fox family first took Peanut home, she was scared of everything. A puppy that should have been running around, chewing on things and peeing where pee wasn’t meant to be, was nervous and slow to explore. But Eric knew she simply needed time. They did not rush back to the shelter, saying their dog was defective and a breeder’s dog might be better.

Within two weeks, she was running and playing and the perfect picture of a happy puppy. Eric goes as far as saying she is definitely a “daddy’s little girl!”. He couldn’t be happier.

He also said, “She was so shy at the pound she wouldn’t come up to ANYONE, I think that’s why she wasn’t adopted. She has a heart of gold and is soooo 100% puppy!” Eric saved this puppy who may have died so young simply because she was shy.

After coming home, “In the first two weeks she quickly became the big baby in the house and LOVES dad!” She knows just who her owner is and has no problem demanding attention from her father as only a puppy can do. She is no longer afraid to run and explore and is much more openly energetic, her fear replaced by faith in her found family.

Sometimes all it takes to change the life of a dog is love and care and seeing past a scared exterior. So many dogs live in fear at shelters, but a family’s love can change any dog!

Adopt instead of shop. People are often afraid to adopt quieter dogs, but Peanut proves that with time any dog can get used to their forever family and become just as much of a happy-go-lucky puppy that was picked up at a breeder. This is also true of dogs who have been in the shelter a little longer, and it is worth remembering in a kill shelter just what that means. By being there for Peanut, the Fox Family can help us all feel a bit safer adopting a dog that may have had a “troubled” past. This dog wants a home in the same way every other dog does.

The video below shows Peanut at two weeks home, and it is clear from her position on Eric’s lap, licking his face, that she is comfortable and happy in her new home. Thank you Fox Family for taking a chance on her!

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