Adorable Beagle Can’t Stop Hugging The Man Who Saved Him From Euthanasia

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We all need a heartwarmer of a story every now and then. So in today’s edition of “Oh Wow, Dogs Are ThatPure?”, we have the story of Gregory, the beagle, and Joe Kirk, the human.

You see, there are dogs all over the world that live in rescue shelters. These dogs are abandoned, given up, unwanted, or sick. Whether they were born this way or not, they now live in shelters where life is not always the best. Their lifespans aren’t optimistic, as they could face euthanasia if left homeless for too long.

This was Gregory’s fate. He was a 2-year old Beagle suffering from heartworm disease, an illness consisting of foot-long worms that live in a dog’s heart, lungs, and arteries. Common signs of this disease are lethargy, weight loss, and decreased appetite. For Gregory and his animal shelter, this meant he was going to be euthanized very soon.

In comes the hero of the day!

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Co-founder of a not-for-profit animal sanctuary based in Maryland, Joe Kirk and his wife, Schenley, the other co-founder, found the dog just two days before his scheduled euthanization. They felt for this dog and wanted to rescue him to find him a new home.

The Kirks’ job is to find unwanted and neglected dogs to give them a second chance by helping them look for a new forever-home. They specialize in shelter rescues and senior dogs, as they believe every dog deserves a life of love, care, and home. They often seek out dogs in high-kill shelters in hopes to buy them some more time, and hopefully offer them a better future.

The Kirks found Gregory and decided to rescue him. Once Gregory understood what was taking place, he was beyond elated, giving Joe special hugs and refusing to leave his side!

To help him get back on his paws and into a new home, the Kirks took care of Gregory, giving him the treatment he needed to cure him from his heartworm disease. The veterinary care proved successful, and Gregory eventually found a new home. He is currently living happily with his new owners, no longer living the lonely life of a rescue shelter dog.

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It’s worth mentioning that Gregory’s story is one of many happy stories to come out of a rescue shelter. However, there are still many dogs out there waiting for their new future homes.

In the U.S. alone, of the 7.6 million animals that live in shelters, every year about a third of these poor souls end up euthanized. Some cases are treatable, such as Gregory.

He had a curable disease, but no means of getting such treatment without a rescuer or an organization to look after him. Another treatable case is a highly aggressive dog. Dogs are tamable and highly intelligent. They can learn to let go of their violent and aggressive behaviors and become more amicable and friendly.

But there are other factors for euthanization. For example, overpopulation is a big problem in rescue shelters. Too many animals are left unwanted in these shelters that the staff have no option than to euthanize to make space for other animals. If a dog spends a long time in a shelter neglected, chances are their lives will be cut short, simply because the shelter is overcrowded.

So why not be a hero like Joe and Schenley? If you can afford to give a dog a happy life, consider rescuing one from your local animal shelter. Who knows, they might give you special hugs too!

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