Basic sleep habits to help you sleep soundly tonight

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What are your sleeping habits? Do you need help? You never know the value of a good night’s rest until you go without one. The truth is, for the average person who doesn’t get enough sleep, their habits are the problem.

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They watch TV right before bed or scroll through Instagram one last time. They turn on lights in their bedroom or bring in ambient light from outside. Also, they keep the temperature too hot, so they end up tossing and turning.

The good news is that there are sleep habits that can help you get better rest, starting tonight. Here are some of those bedtime habits.

Stop using technology right before bed

If you’re a habitual phone checker or social media addict, it might be time to rethink your nightly routine. Technology has a significant impact on sleep quality.

Blue light from devices like smartphones, TVs, and tablets signals the brain that it’s still daytime. This means that your body’s natural processes to help you relax are short-circuited.

Limit screen time after dark and turn off TVs, smartphones and tablets an hour or so before bed. You can also get blue light blocking glasses to reduce the amount of blue light after dark.

Use the right supplements if needed

Some people need a little help falling asleep. The good news is that there are natural herbs and supplements you can use to help. Magnesium, valerian root, and melatonin are some of the best supplements and vitamins for sleep.

These supplements help the mind and muscles to relax better so that it is easier to fall asleep. Magnesium is a great option, just find a form that won’t give you any GI distress.

Make darkness a priority in your bedroom

One of the best ways to ensure you get enough sleep is to make sure your bedroom is as dark as possible. The human body naturally produces melatonin when it is dark.

This helps regulate your circadian rhythm and makes you feel sleepy. If too much light enters your room from street lamps or night lights, it can lead to inconsistent sleep. A dark room like a cave is best for a good night’s rest.

Do not drink alcohol right before bed

Although alcohol is a natural depressant, this does not make it the best option before bed. Alcohol can disrupt your sleep patterns and prevent you from getting enough deep sleep.

Some people even experience insomnia when they drink right before bed. Instead, drink earlier in the night and make sure you counter that with extra water.

Avoid eating sugary foods before bed

Want a burst of energy? Sugar is a great option. But before bed, you probably don’t want that effect. Instead, avoid eating sugary foods before bed. Sugary foods cause blood sugar to rise, which can lead to low energy and disturbed sleep. If you want something sweet, choose a banana or other fruit instead of cookies or chocolate bars.

Start your bedtime routine an hour before bedtime

If you want to be well rested and refreshed in the morning, it is important to start one hour before you go to bed.

A healthy snack, a warm bath, and a relaxing activity are all part of a good bedtime ritual. This also means turning off your smartphone or putting it away.

Dimming the lights in your house and all you have to do is signal your body that it’s time to sleep.

Make your room temperature conducive to sleep

To sleep well, you need to feel comfortable. While it’s tempting to turn up the heat in the winter and turn off the air conditioning in the summer, that’s not always what’s best for your body.

Most people sleep best when their room temperature is around 65-70°F. Make sure you have blankets that will help you feel warm enough, but not cause you to overheat.


Try some of these tips tonight to get started on your way to a better night’s sleep. You’ll be surprised how much better your body and mind feel when you get the right amount of sleep each night.

When you sleep more deeply, you will be able to focus better and have more energy to meet the needs of the day.

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