Available from Cashmere Universal Standard, sizes 00-40

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what my style would be like if I grew up with matching options. Would I really love floral dresses or do I love them because they were one of the few styles I could fit into? Being a plus size, it really is like choosing from just a small pack of generic crayons instead of a mega box of Crayolas.

I was recently sent a product from Universal Standard that really got me thinking about these things. it’s something I haven’t had before because things like this don’t really exist for my body size. Hello, Cashmere!

Edited to add photos in denim.

Revelation. This sweater was received as a gift, however, I was not asked to post or compensate in any other way. I have included affiliate links in this post, which means if you buy something through my link, I may make a small commission. This helps cover the cost of maintaining this space online.

Plus size cashmere sweater from Universal Standard that includes sizing

Universal Standard Essential Cashmere Crew in red, size 2XL
Universal Standard Stephanie Wide Leg Pants, size 2XL

Universal Standard has introduced cashmere sweaters in incredible sizes 00-40. They come in crew necks (what I wear) and v-necks and in tons of colors. The best part. They cost less than $100.

This is not a wool blend with a piece of cashmere, this is 100% cashmere. It’s super soft and feels so luxurious. I’ve never spoken out behind cashmere…probably because I’ve never owned 100% cashmere. The closest I got was from Lane Bryant back in the early 2000’s and it was a mix and too short for me. I think I wore it twice before I gave it away and I haven’t seen any other size above 3X/24 since. I’m really excited about this option and that it’s being offered at this price. If you are looking for a fancy gift for a friend, this would be a really good option as it comes in sizes 00-40.

Red cashmere sweater and wide leg pants from Universal Standard

As with all things US, I really appreciate their attention to accommodation. I have some items in US XL (26/28) and some items in 2XL (30/32) depending on how I want the item to fit. For example, I have two sizes of the pants I’m wearing in these photos, and I wear each of them depending on whether I want a more relaxed fit or not. For shirts, I generally like to go for a US 2XL because I have a long waist and always appreciate having some extra coverage. This sweater had a great length. i was able to wear it without it looking tangled, but it was also long enough to tuck in. I find it very true to size with other US 2XL items I own. I could also do the US XL and am considering buying a v-neck size smaller for a closer fit. It really all depends on what you’re comfortable with.

Already feeling like a luxe bad a**, I decided to try it on with another item I never thought I’d find in my size, a leather jacket, not surprisingly, also from the US. I’m wearing the XL in the jacket that I previously shared here.

worn with US Joni High Rise Curve Jeans
Plus Size Fashion Blogger Authentically Emmie in Red Cashmere Sweater and Wide Leg Black Pants from Universal Standard

Let me know if you have any questions about the sweater or any other USA items. i own a lot of them because i appreciate their fabrics and fit.

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