The complaint alleges HomeAdvisor misled businesses about leads

Homeowners are looking for skilled home repair professionals. Service providers—plumbers, remodelers, landscapers, and more—are looking for customers. That match came through word of mouth or a sign on a community bulletin board. Now, companies like HomeAdvisor collect information about homeowners and then sell it to service providers. But the FTC’s administrative complaint alleges that HomeAdvisor … Read more

Wake up with dry mouth solutions

Do you wake up with a dry mouth and wonder what causes it? Waking up with a dry mouth all the time can be uncomfortable and unpleasant. For some people, dry mouth can be irritating enough to wake them up from sleep, disrupting their overall sleep cycle. Why do we get dry mouth? One of … Read more

This Ukrainian mother buried her two sons just six days apart

Vasyl, a 28-year-old senior lieutenant and paratrooper who first joined Ukraine’s armed forces in 2014 as a fresh-faced 20-year-old, was killed on March 3 by Russian forces on the southern Mykolaiv front. It was so intense there that it took the army days to recover his body and evacuate Dulib, said Joseph, a longtime family … Read more

Roman Abramovich invested $1.3 billion in American companies

One of the chain’s companies, Netherfield, was involved in a complex offshore deal that raised $50 million for a company controlled by one of Putin’s top advisers, Igor Shuvalov. The deal was reported in Barrons in 2011. The story did not identify Abramovich as the owner of Netherfield, but State Street investigators eventually determined that … Read more

Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzhevsky was killed in Ukraine

A Fox News camera operator and a local producer covering the war in Ukraine have died after the car they were traveling in was hit by incoming fire, the network said Tuesday. Fox News Media CEO Susan Scott announced the death of camera operator Pierre Zakrzewski in a memo to employees shared with BuzzFeed News. … Read more

Creating an e-commerce development checklist

Building an eCommerce website is a different process for every business, depending on the vertical in which they operate. For example, the technical needs of a software company are very different than the requirements of a business that sells bicycles directly to consumers. That’s why we’re sharing an in-depth eCommerce development checklist to outline the right steps for building an eCommerce website.

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BC tied to Paralympians key contributor to Canada’s sensational performance at Beijing 2022 – Canadian Sport Institute in the Pacific

March 15, 2022For immediate release Victoria, BC – Another successful Paralympic Games is in store for Team Canada after nine days in Beijing. Of the 48 athletes on Team Canada, 18 (38%) had a BC connection, and more than half of those athletes brought home equipment after earning a spot on the podium. BC-affiliated athletes’ … Read more