Attention: #YWM2021Virtual!

YWM2021Virtually your weight matters convention

The Your Weight Matters Convention & Expo will be held July 17-25. Join the Obesity Action Coalition’s (OAC) annual in-person event for education, information and support, but EXPERIENCED from the comfort of your home (or wherever you have wifi). I will watch from my balcony with ice. – cold drink. This is the 10th year of YWM events (8 in person and now 2 virtual, damn Covid) but I haven’t missed a single one. They are so good.

Obesity Coalition YWM Your Weight Matters Convention and Expo

If you are interested in learning the latest science-based education on obesity, nutrition, fitness and exercise, weight loss and weight management, behavioral health, mental health, and more.

Get to know the full agenda of the program.

This series of events is not to be missed. REGISTRATION OPENS MAY 5 (or early bird registration April 28 if you are an OAC Premium Access member)

Note: It’s a series of events taking place July 17-25, and many are free to enter.

I don’t know about you, but events that go on all day in one day or weekend are just too much for my attention span and ass. Hence the series to optimize the benefit for you. Now, there may still be a lot to digest each session, or you may have an initial engagement on one of the event days. This is the reason **I recommend the full event registration option** which will allow you to replay events (and earn some nifty bonuses too). There is also an option to register for CE credit (up to 16 hours) for those of you with majors that use them.

Obesity Coalition YWM Your Weight Matters Convention and Expo Register Options

One last thing I want to mention… I’m hosting a Connect with the Experts event on Tuesday 7/20 at 7pm Eastern. It is called. Lean on me. build a support system that empowers you. It’s a $15 add-on, but if you want to interact, chat about support, learn some useful resources, and much more from yours truly. I would love to see you there.

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