Atkins. One of America’s most trusted brands

A consumer survey shows Atkins is the winning low-carb brand.

Atkins is honored to be recognized as America’s Most Trusted Low Carb Food Brand as part of the 2023 winners of America’s Most Trusted Service and Consumer Brands. The winners were based on a survey of US shoppers conducted by market research firm BrandSparkÒ: in cooperation with Newsweek magazine. Newsweek stated that shoppers want to trust brands that provide detailed information about their products and services and are transparent in their communications and committed to education. This has always been what Atkins stands behind, and it’s encouraging to see consumers recognizing it.

Atkins legacy and brand power

It all started when the late cardiologist Dr. Robert Atkins proposed a nutritional approach that epitomized healthy eating based on medical research on nutrition that showed how a low-carb lifestyle produced weight loss results without significant starvation. :

Atkin’s mission continues to this day, as evidenced by our extensive history, advocacy, education (including many books), innovation, and our trusted and effective products.

Our library of over 100 scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits of a low-carb lifestyle, and as the science of low-carb continues to evolve, Atkins evolves with it.

From the science to the real results, countless people have found success with the Atkins low-carb lifestyle over the years. These success stories are proof of Atkins’ credibility and effectiveness in the low-carb world and beyond.

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