Artificial Intelligence Generative Video Customizing Human Video for E-Commerce

Brands have been able to personalize text, images, and audio in their marketing campaigns for years, and with the advent of AI resources, it’s helped them scale their work. Now, Generative AI video platform has announced a $5.25 million seed funding round as they break the final frontier of video personalization for mass marketing campaigns.

With’s studio-quality video personalization software, brands simply need to record a video once, add dynamic keywords to the script, and will create millions of hyper-customized videos in one click. Businesses can also create personalized landing pages with and deliver videos through preferred communication platforms, enabling custom interactions with users and customized call-to-actions.

It’s a shocking intrusion for consumers, but it’s also shockingly effective for advertisers. For example, if you know your customer’s name, you can embed it in the video. The genie is out of the bottle and AI generating video is here to stay, so the best advice is to explore your options and get ahead of the competition.

We record videos with influencers and celebrities, and now with, when they call your name and tell you to create a personalized call to action, the results are amazing. We saw a 5x increase in video completion rates, a 3x increase in open rates, and a 2.5x increase in click-through rates.

– Tejnoor Grover, Gaming Platform Mobile Premier League

The platform integrates with Shopify, Calendly, Stripe, Salesforce and Hubspot to create unique shopping and checkout experiences for businesses as well. Furthermore,’s end-to-end solution also provides businesses with clear customer insights and video performance analytics. was founded in March 2021 by Suvrat Bhushan and is headquartered in California, USA. Suvrat previously worked at Facebook AI Research (FAIR) after completing a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University. His deep learning works have been published and cited over 300 times. Today, they are a team of 35 with a leadership team that includes Anupreet Singh as Chief Revenue Officer and Kushaagra Goyal as Chief Technology Officer.

Anupreet Singh was the US and Europe Lead at Mettl (acquired by Mercer) and grew the business from scratch. Most recently, he was the GTM Lead at Slintel (acquired by 6sense) where he achieved $0-5M ARR in just two years. Kushaagra Goyal leads the development of their disruptive generative AI technology. He has five years of experience at Databricks, Rubrik and Samsung. He has published more than ten patents in this field.

We empower marketing teams around the world to deliver a higher return on investment for video campaigns. Imagine a food delivery company being able to send a personalized video of a brand ambassador addressing a customer by name and how they enjoyed their last order, or a clinic reminding a patient to book a follow-up appointment. This hyper-personalization leads to much higher conversion rates versus other static forms of communication.

With, businesses will be able to scale their video personalization process while seamlessly integrating it into existing workflows. We are excited to grow our operations in new ways and expand our sales and engineering teams in the US and India.

– Suvrat Bhooshan, Founder and CEO of boasts a global customer base that includes brands such as Samsung, Zomato, vivo and the mobile Premier League gaming platform. In the US, has been used by several major brands, including the largest eye care and eye clinic chain, EyeCare Partners.

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