April 2023 highlights

April might just be the biggest month ever (more on why below). The month started off with a solid week of being on the road, but of course I made it back to Easter with the kids. There is almost no occasion that I choose to travel with my niece and nephew for vacations or promotional events.

My April highlights were many as I spent 18 nights away from home in hotels and vacation rentals. May is getting off to a less-than-crazy, rather chaotic start with a pair of new mural installations and trips to East Tennessee and New Orleans on the horizon, but as I finally write this recap, I’ve come home to a solid month. to reach and interact with my people.

I’ve also got some pretty research-intensive writing assignments for this month Washington Post, Tennessee Vacation Guide, Southern Living, Garden & Gun and others, so I will also be locked in my office for a long time.

The Highs:

AFRICA:. What started as a friend’s 40th birthday trip turned into the trip of a lifetime with my husband, mother, cousin, and three best friends for life. You will likely be spammed with posts in South Africa and Namibia in the coming months when if I ever get caught, but let’s just say this epic journey isn’t one I’ll be able to lead anytime soon, if ever.

Road trip to South Africa

We returned to Tupelo. Have I talked enough about how much I love this Mississippi hometown of Elvis? No? Then let me repeat. If you’re traveling to Memphis, this the needs be a few days extra place. It’s such a lively little town, and I was excited to be at the Mississippi Tourism Association spring meeting alongside new and old friends to talk about labels and PR.

Tupelo meeting

From there it was on to Knoxville. Not the fastest, most direct drive, Tupelo to Knoxville, but it was a full week before I left for Africa, and I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity. You know how much I love my college town, and this visit to East Tennessee focusing on the Knoxville art scene did not disappoint. I can’t wait for the Governor’s Convention to be in Knoxville this September so I can show off all my favorite places to my lovely travel friends.

A trip to Knoxville

There were so many photo shoots. In addition to a few senior and family shoots, I spent three days doing B&W portrait sessions right before I left, and while I was busting my ass trying to edit all those galleries before I left, it made that time that much more rewarding. A few more full portrait days start this weekend, and if you missed my announcement and want to get on the calendar, just shoot me an email.

Black and White Heritage Photographer in Middle Tennessee

Black and White Heritage Photographer in Middle Tennessee

The challenges

Aside from some technical issues, I had yet to order other An Apple desktop computer, uh, and some minor travel jitters we experienced getting our entire group to Africa, sorry Coco and Shannon. This month was personally headache free. I try my best to keep that African enthusiasm and positivity going for the rest of the year.

Boot Camp Staff at Fit Beyond

My favorites of the month

Favorite book: Wrong place, wrong time By Gillian McAllister

Favorite audiobook: The Troubled Creek Book Woman By Kim Michelle Richardson

Favorite movie: King Richard:which i finally saw on the plane (you know i love me tennis)

Favorite TV show. Ginny and Georgia On Netflix

What were your favorite books, movies, shows from April?

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