Apple may have introduced the “xrProOS” brand last week through the Shell company

With WWDC just weeks away, it looks like Apple is continuing to sneakily court brands for its rumored AR/VR headset.

apple earpiece bottom by marcus kane

Delaware shell company Deep Dive LLC filed on May 18 to trademark “xrProOS,” stylized as Apple’s SF Pro font, in Argentina, Turkey and the Philippines, according to online records. The same company filed for the “xrOS” trademark at SF Pro in New Zealand earlier this month, and it’s highly likely that Apple is behind both filings as the company moves early to protect its headset-related intellectual property.

Deep Dive LLC also applied for xrProOS in Australia, New Zealand and the UK on May 18, but without the SF Pro styling. The company first applied for the trademark in Jamaica on April 27, according to records. Jamaica is often the first place Apple turns to for trademarks related to future products, as the country does not have a searchable online trademark database that helps the company maintain privacy.


The xrProOS image is included in the Argentina trademark application

This is the first time the xrProOS name has been reported, and it’s unclear how Apple plans to use the name, if at all. BloombergMark Gurman said Apple’s headset operating system will be called xrOS, so it remains to be seen how the xrProOS name might fit into Apple’s plans. Gourmand did float “Reality Pro” as a possible name for Apple’s headphones, and the xrProOS will reflect the “Pro” branding if it’s used in any way. It’s also very possible that Apple is just covering all its bases here and has no current plans to use xrProOS.

Other previously reported trademarks with potential links to Apple’s headsets include Reality One, Reality Processor, Optics, and Deep Screen, but it’s unclear if any of these names will actually be used. Some of the applications were submitted by a separate shell company called Immersive Health Solutions LLC.

Apple is expected to unveil the AR/VR headset and related developer tools at its WWDC keynote on June 5, and it’s likely to be released to the public later this year. The device is expected to offer a mix of virtual reality and augmented reality features that can be controlled using hand and eye tracking. The headset is estimated to cost around $3,000 in the US and will reportedly have an external battery.

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