Apocalypse Now? Artificial Intelligence Visionaries Concerned About ‘Danger of Extinction’

Top AI leaders have just released an explosive statement about the “extinction threat” AI poses to humanity.

A statement released through the AI ​​Security Center reads:

“Mitigating the threat posed by AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.”

The statement was signed by leading AI scientists such as Jeff Hinton (formerly of Google fame) and Demis Hassabis, as well as technology leaders such as Sam Altman of OpenAI, Emad Mostak, CEO of Stability AI, and Bill Gates. :

The announcement is intended to be short. According to the AI ​​Security Center.

“AI experts, journalists, policymakers and the public are increasingly discussing a wide range of important and pressing AI risks. Even so, it can be difficult to raise concerns about some of the most serious risks of advanced AI.

The summary statement below aims to overcome this obstacle and open up discussions. It is also intended to create common knowledge among the growing number of experts and public figures who also take seriously the most serious risks of advanced artificial intelligence.”

The announcement immediately received massive attention and sparked further discussion in the intellectual artificial intelligence community about the threats to the existence of artificial intelligence.

In Episode 50 of the Marketing AI ShowI spoke with Paul Retzer, founder and CEO of the Marketing AI Institute, to find out why the announcement is important.

Here’s what you need to know…

  1. It is important to pay attention to this. “There are certainly a lot of entrepreneurs and AI researchers who have signed on to this that I have a lot of respect for and that we follow,” Retzer says. That makes it worth paying attention to.
  2. But existential fears are still not well defined. Unlike the other examples (pandemic, nuclear war), there is still very little clarity about exactly how AI might progress to the point of annihilation-level threats. Many critics don’t even believe it’s possible.
  3. However, more and more industry executives are expressing concerns. “What’s probably most interesting to me is that a group of large AI research companies and labs seem to be united in these concerns,” Rotzer says. “Most of them seem willing to cooperate on solutions.”
  4. However, this is not the time to go crazy. “In my opinion, it’s not a time for a panic button,” Retzer says. But it’s worth noting that these fears exist, and they’re being voiced by some very smart and important people in the world of artificial intelligence. “So, for better or worse, it’s a feature right now.”

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