An Oregon high school softball team wins the state championship with a no-hitter

Hitting certainly helps, but a Pacific Northwest softball team has proven that you can win a state championship without it.

According to Grayson Weir of Outkick, Oregon’s Sheldon High School won their state title over Oregon City last weekend without recording a hit.

This is how it happened.

“Riley retired his 19th straight batter for the first out, but struck out Brooke Peterson for the 20th Irish batter of the afternoon. He was his team’s first (!!) runner on the play. From there, Sheldon advanced the runner on what should have been a sacrifice bunt. However, the Oregon City third baseman was out of line by throwing to first. Peterson advanced to third on a wild throw, at which point he collided with Riley covering the bases… Then he hit a home run. purpose…”

The umpire ruled interference at third because of the collision, so even though Riley was thrown out at home, he was safe. This resulted in a 1-0 win for Sheldon.

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