At the age of 56, Corky Stanton was unhappy with his weight and its complications.

“I was 310 pounds. I was on 6 different medications. “I used to wake up in the morning and everything hurt,” he recalls. “I was getting arthritis all over my body. I even tied my shoes with difficulty.”

The chronic pain and lack of mobility took a toll on Corky, who previously enjoyed activities such as backpacking.

“This is the end of my life.” he was surprised.

He assumed he was going to die young of a heart attack and decided he needed to take drastic action to get back on the road to health.

He believed the choice was between surgery or a major lifestyle change. He chose the latter.

He discovered Gabriel’s method book online and became interested in visualization.

It’s a tool that has proven incredibly helpful in Corky’s weight loss journey.

Through regular visualization practice, Corky was able to change the way he thought about food, change the way he ate, and develop a whole new self-image.

Corky now enjoys a wide variety of foods and continues to lose weight.

Corky lost 105 pounds in a year… and says he feels 20 years younger. He’s also back to enjoying long drives.

We celebrate Corky’s inspiring mindset shift and continued success.