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The Altra Torin has emerged as a game changer in the world of running shoes. A zero drop shoe that has tempted many to test out the lower heel drop running life.

As a running coach and gear tester, I’ve made it my mission to research the latest offerings and put them through their paces, ensuring you make an informed decision when it comes to improving your running experience.

Every step counts and your shoe choice can make all the difference.

In this article, I delve into the world of Altra and its highly regarded Torin model. Born from the relentless pursuit of innovation and inspired by Utah’s stunning landscapes, Altra has carved a niche for itself by crafting running shoes that prioritize natural foot movement and comfort.

The Altra Torin 7 in particular embodies their core principles while aiming to deliver a seamless blend of performance and support. So after running in this shoe for the past month, here’s some feedback along with the technical details.

Altra Torin 7 Review

Altra Torin 7 Details

So far, runners are ecstatic about this update. It seems to have found its way back to its roots and will excite a lot of people. If you didn’t like 6 (I did), this was definitely an upgrade.

Most notably, the language has finally been fixed.

Trying to lose weight, the previous skinny tongue cut many of us off the ankle. So they’ve added enough padding to prevent that problem without devolving into the chunky cushioned tongue of most of the shoe. I think this helps both keep the weight down and gives your foot a little more room (helpful if you have high arches).

I find this version more comfortable, and I think that’s why it gets the “max cushion” marker. And definitely a reason, it’s on my list of best Altra Running shoes.

altra torin 7 updates

Most people tend to fall for the 100% LOVE zero drop or ehhh I’m afraid to try it. This is the shoe to try. With the EGO™ MAX foam in the midsole, cushioned tongue and collar, I don’t think you’d even know it’s a zero shoe at first.

They added about 2mm of pile height to the shoe for even more cushion. I didn’t find this changed the stability of the shoe for me, unlike the Olympus where it just felt overwhelming underfoot.

As with all Altra shoes, you’ll enjoy the FootShape toe box. Their marketing is that this allows for more natural foot movement, which is a yes and no. What it absolutely does is provide more room for your toes, which can feel amazing and allows you to get more power from that big toe while keeping it straight.. Did you know that your big toe adds a lot of power to your step?

Altra Torin 7 Specs

If you’ve been using zero drop for a while, I’d put this in the category for great long runs.

  • 0mm heel drop
  • 8.1 oz for women
  • 9.8 oz for men
  • Max pillow:
  • 30mm pile height (it’s taller and therefore more cushiony)
  • Available in five colors
  • Not available wide
  • Available at Altra Running and retail stores for $150

Discount code. ABTPMZ7 – good for 15% off at Torin 7 from June 1st to July 1st.

This is definitely a road shoe. While you’ll be fine on a crushed gravel road or dirt, I wouldn’t take it out on the trails. It has no plugs or super sole.

Altra Torin 7 Fit:

Overall, the Altra is roomier for me. It’s really important to note that even though they have a wide toe box, that doesn’t mean they’re a wide shoe.

Instead, you’ll notice that wide foot shape at the toes, then tapers in along the arch and back toward the heel.

The lightly padded tongue was super comfortable, as was the lightly padded heel collar. The collar rises a bit, which I’ve found to be a no-no in other shoes, but it was fine here and I could see it helping to keep my heel from sliding.

I haven’t taken them out on super hot days yet, but the design and feel looks like it will be breathable. Something my legs desperately need as the miles pile up over the summer.

They are not a light shoe that I would use on speed days, but a good option for recovery days or as mentioned long runs.

I use a heel lock lace on 90% of my running shoes and these have enough laces to make it easy.

altra torin review

What you need to know about Altra Running shoes

If you have just purchased zero shoes, please allow some fitting time. Your Achilles, ankles, calves and hamstrings have a chance to get used to being a little more stretched.

You can do this by wearing them for 1 short run for a few weeks and then slowly increasing the distance of that run. Eventually moving on to zero shoes for a few runs a week.

The Altra brand is known for its commitment to having zero drop in all of its shoes, regardless of the amount of sole cushioning. And so every shoe in the Altra line is designed with zero drop, which puts the heel and forefoot on the same level.

They designed this to help with optimal alignment, develop better form and encourage a low impact landing.

Here are some benefits of zero drop shoes.

  • A more natural running gait
  • Improved ankle mobility
  • Better posture
  • Improved balance

Why would you want a toe bag?

Another feature that all Altra running shoes share is that the toe box is designed with the natural shape of the foot in mind.

It might sound a little strange when you first hear that they’re making a foot-shaped shoe, but once you see it, it all starts to click. I don’t know about you, but my toes are not pictured on the left.

The most important benefit of a foot-shaped toe box is that it allows your toes to splay or spread as you run.

This natural arch of the foot helps runners gain more stability, build stronger foot muscles, and maintain a straight big toe, which increases the force produced with each stride.

This design allows your toes to spread, giving you support the ability to gain more power with each step.

Disadvantages of Altra Torin 7

As mentioned, every runner has their own preference, so here are just a few things from my experience.

  • It’s time to get used to running in zero shoes
  • Weight: it’s not the lightest shoe around, and that doesn’t keep it from being one of my favorites
  • Limited ankle support. not an ideal choice for runners with ankle instability or those who prefer a more structured and supportive shoe.

It should be noted that these potential drawbacks may vary based on individual preferences, foot biomechanics, and running style. What may be a limitation for one runner may be inconsequential or even desirable for another

We hope this was helpful in giving you an overview of the Altra Torin 7.

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