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If you are a blogger or content creator who wants to reach a wider audience, the ActivityPub app is perfect for you.

We are excited to announce that Automattic, the parent company of, has acquired the popular ActivityPub WordPress plugin.

This innovative plugin brings a whole new level of social networking to your website by integrating it into the wider federated social network. Once installed, the app allows you to easily share your content and interact with users on Mastodon and other platforms that also support the ActivityPub protocol.

Just as Automattic aims to do with all of our products, this app helps decentralize the web, break down silos, and foster a more connected online ecosystem.

Why should you use the ActivityPub app?

If you are a blogger or content creator who wants to reach a wider audience, the ActivityPub app is perfect for you. Just like Jetpack Social, another one of our great apps. — automatically shares content to major social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, ActivityPub automatically allows anyone in the federated network to follow your blog posts to be displayed on their Home Pages. Federal networks include:

On those platforms, responses appear in your WordPress post comments, allowing you to interact directly with Fediverse readers, facilitating engagement and creating a more cohesive online presence.

What’s more, when you use ActivityPub for WordPress, you support the open source movement, promote transparency and collaboration, and empower users to take control of their online experience and contribute to a more diverse and inclusive Internet landscape.

How to install ActivityPub for WordPress

Installing the ActivityPub plugin is easy, even if you’ve never added a plugin before.

1. From the left-hand menu of your dashboard, go to the add-on market and search for “ActivityPub” (all one word). Alternatively, you can click here to go directly to the plugin page.

2. Click Install and Activate.

3. After activation, you can click “Manage Plugin”, which allows you to choose the type of content that will be displayed in different streams; if you’re not ready for it yet, you can access it later in Settings. → “ActivityPub”.

At Automattic, our philosophy has always been to democratize publishing and make the web a better place. In our acquisition of ActivityPub for WordPress, we’re doing just that public web.

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