A Nutritionist Explains Why Your Body REALLY Craves Carbs When It’s Cold (And What You Can Do About It)

Do you often feel cold when you’re craving heavy comfort food like mashed potatoes, creamy lasagna, or rich curries?

Well, healthy mummy nutritionist Cheri Sheldon sheds light on WHY (and what you can do about it).


Why Your Body REALLY Craves Carbs When It’s Cold (And What You Can Do About It)

As winter approaches, the days become shorter and there is less sunlight, the body craves an extra carbohydrate load to help compensate for serotonin levels in the body during the colder months.

When there’s less sunlight, your vitamin D levels drop, and that means your serotonin levels drop too, which means your body craves carbohydrate-rich foods to help raise insulin levels.says Sherri Sheldon, nutritionist at Healthy Mummy.

When you eat high-carb foods like mashed potatoes or creamy lasagna, your insulin levels rise and the body feels temporarily full.“, he adds.

But this can lead to a vicious cycle, as your insulin levels rise and then fall, you’ll need more carbs to keep your energy levels up.– warns Cheri.

But as much as you feel the need to indulge in high-carb foods, it’s likely to derail you from your weight loss journey.

Don’t stress because there are several simple tricks you can use to keep yourself from devouring that mac and cheese you’ve been craving so desperately.

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Cheree must have some advice.

According to Cheree, one trick you can use is to replace your water with hot herbal tea to avoid catching a cold.

When you feel warm and toasty, you’re less likely to crave those carb-dense foods.says Sherry.

Another top tip Cheree offers is to eat healthy nutrient-dense soups that are packed with fiber and full of vegetables..

If you are hot soup packed with nutritious ingredients, you’re more likely to feel full and not feel the need to reach for those hot fries.says Sherry.

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In the winter, you’re also more likely to crave sweet treats, especially in the afternoon when you feel your energy waning.

Try a good healthy hot chocolate to curb those afternoon cravings for a sweet treatsays Sherry.

You can try our healthy warm winter smoothie which is loaded with nutrients and won’t pile on the pounds.

Another tip Cheree offers is to have a hot lunch to help you stay warm and full.

If you have a sandwich, just toast it and you will feel fuller than eating it cold.says Sherry.

Great tips Cheree.

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