A man was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of the mayor of Gdańsk in 2019

The Polish court sentenced the man who stabbed the famous mayor of Gdansk to life imprisonment in 2019.

WARSAW, Poland — A man who fatally stabbed Gdańsk Mayor Pawel Adamowicz in 2019 was sentenced to life imprisonment by a Polish court on Thursday.

Stefan Vilmont stabbed 53-year-old Adamovic on stage at a charity event for Life on January 13, 2019. Adamovic died the next day, despite blood transfusions and other efforts by doctors to save him. The killing shocked Poles and plunged the nation into grief.

Judge Aleksandra Kaczmarek said in her ruling that Wilmont had committed an “unprecedented murder” in Polish history.

The verdict came after a three-year investigation and a year-long trial. Wilmont’s lawyers have said they will appeal the sentence.

The conservative ruling Law and Justice party has been accused of creating fertile ground for violence against Adamović and other socially liberal politicians, spread by state media.

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