A Fit Mother Project Case Study

Thinking about making better choices and building a better life for you and your family.

It can be done at any time and at any age.

Fit Mother Sheila is proof.

Sheila is a mother, grandmother, and United States Postal Service letter carrier who found her health, wellness, and purpose in life in her 60s.

Her story is powerful, inspiring and very spiritual.

Sheila took what she learned at the Fit Mother Project and deeply connected it to her faith, her love for God and Jesus, and her ability to align herself and her life.

It doesn’t matter who you are Christian or spiritual in any way. you’ll want to hear Sheila’s story.

He is someone who fully believes in his mission and purpose to inspire the world and he has done just that.

Hear Sheila’s story on the Fit Mother Project Podcast:

Struggling to find his purpose

Sheila has always been busy, but putting all the elements of a healthy lifestyle together was often a challenge.

“I’ve always been pretty active, but I struggle with making the right health choices and knowing what and how to make those choices.”

She tried various fitness programs before joining the Fit Mother Project, but nothing really worked.

And as he grew older, he sought more. he was looking for his purpose.

“I tried different things in my 60s. For me, it was about finding my purpose. I wanted to make sure I was completing the purpose God created me for. So it became very crucial. I have found it my purpose to mobilize prayer among God’s people. So I started praying because my health was not the best.”

He was dealing with a number of health problems, all of which became obstacles to his life’s purpose

But things started to become clearer when she found the Fit Mother Project.

“I was on the internet and obviously the spirit of God led me to it because I had no idea. I started researching and looking at what the program was all about. What attracted me the most is that it’s sustainable.”

She was immediately drawn to the Fit Mother Project and jumped right in.

“I found it authentic. There were no tricks or gimmicks. It was all hard facts based on eating right and making good choices. It emphasized the importance of hydration and consistency. It’s not a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle change. I felt like I didn’t need to rush. This was something I would do for the rest of my life.”

See how Sheila was able to make real lifestyle changes and build a better, more blessed life for herself.

Building a better life

For Sheila, the Fit Mother Project became a holistic program that addressed her mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

She loves how it connects everything—mind, body, and spirit—to sustainable lifestyle changes.

“In prayer, your whole being must be a part of it. The first step in prayer is a mental step, but many people don’t even engage their minds because they are distracted by emotions. So even with this program, it’s a mental engagement. You make a decision, then you have to be consistent every day.”

Needless to say, Sheila saw the endless benefits of the Fit Mother Project.

“I lost 30 pounds and my A1C went down. The program helped me address the real problem and not just the symptoms. It made me love myself. I feel more motivated and energetic. I make better food choices and my sleep is better too. I no longer feel the weight of the temptation of junk food.”

The Fit Mother Project Sisterhood Facebook group has also been a godsend.

“It is a community of like-minded people. It is full of good vibes, encouragement and support where everyone inspires each other. One of the reasons this program is so powerful is this community of people sharing with each other.”

So what would Sheila say to someone looking to join the Fit Mother Project?

“Keep making healthy choices. Your mission statement will help and allow them to align as you begin to see the desired results. Then you will continue to make those choices. When you go to the doctor and are diagnosed with a medical condition, they give you the finality of it. Looks like you’re out of options. And so most people get really desperate in that condition and are put on multiple medications. But medication only forces the real problems that are buried under it. Address those underlying issues and make a decision you believe in.”

build a better life

3 main episodes of Sheila’s journey

To summarize, here are three key lessons you can learn from Sheila’s successful health and fitness journey:

Lesson 1: Make healthy lifestyle choices

Making the right healthy choices and living a good, clean life can fix almost anything.

You should always listen to your doctors, but a negative medical diagnosis doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

You don’t have to depend on medicine. The right health and lifestyle changes can make a difference.

Lesson 2: Seek support

The Fit Mother Project provides a community for people to share their journey, get encouragement, seek support, get advice, find inspiration and make friends.

Never hesitate to reach out to the community for help and motivation.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

You are doing yourself a disservice when you don’t take advantage of the community that is available to you.

Lesson 3: Good health equals everything else

According to Sheila, our bodies are gifts from God.

Therefore, we must take care of them.

Our health is in our hands and it is our sole responsibility.

So take control of your health and fitness and achieve your highest goal.

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Dr. Anthony Balduzzi

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After watching her father lose health and die at age 42, Dr. Balduzzi founded The Fit Mother Project and Fit Father Project to help busy moms and dads get and stay healthy for their families.

B. He is most proud of the fact that he has helped over 40,000 families in over 100 countries lose weight and achieve lifelong health.

*Please note that weight loss results and health changes/improvements vary from individual to individual. you may not achieve similar results. Always consult your doctor before making any health decisions. This is not medical advice, just very well researched information on building a better life.

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