A case study. Getting 4x the return on Facebook ads for health insurance and Medicare leads

Don’t you think reaching the 64+ audience is possible with Facebook? Read on and I’m sure we’ll change your mind.

Problem: Consistent lead generation

Gary specializes in Medicare and he was looking for options to generate consistent leads. He does a great job helping his current clients and they send him referrals. But referrals are not a consistent source of links and are difficult to scale.

Therefore, he hired a lead aggregator to get consistent leads and maximize the open enrollment season. He soon realized that the leads he was getting were being shared with 20-30 other agents. Therefore, it has always been a race to see who can lead first and convert them into customers. He realized that most of these connections were useless and impossible to even get in touch with.

Then he tried to pay 4-5 times more for buyers, and the aggregator promised that they were unique. Again the leads had nothing to do with Gary and most of them would not respond. He had to spend a huge amount of time on inquiries to get someone to talk to him.

Solution. Building a personal brand and connecting with customers through effective advertising

He reached out to us and let us know that he wanted to generate consistent quality leads.

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Target audience:

Its target audience was individuals age 64+ seeking Medicare coverage. He wanted to focus on an area close to his agency, which was San Diego.


We worked with Gary to come up with a message that would resonate with his audience. We also researched other competitors in the industry to find out what others were doing.

But the best way to find out what customers are searching for is to do keyword research. Using keyword research, we were able to identify the exact terms that customers were using to find health insurance. It also gave us an insight into the issues they face and their current challenges.

This helped us refine messaging and find something that connected with customers.

Building a personal brand.

People buy from people they know, like and trust.

In order to create trust among the audience, we not only use Gary’s image in the ad, but also include his agency address and license number.

Once we started running ads, thousands of people learned that there was an agent in their area that specialized in medical care. This built his personal brand and his potential clients will remember him when they need health insurance.

Branding as a competitive advantage for your insurance agency

Facebook advertising.

The easiest way to reach your target audience is through Facebook advertising. Once you figure out the right Facebook ads for your agency, it will be like getting an ATM that delivers new leads/customers.

We started targeting our audience with the right message and image to connect with them.

To be successful with Facebook ads, you need to test multiple message and image/video variations to find the winner. We ran a split test and eventually found our winner.

Facebook’s AI algorithm also takes some time to improve its targeting. So it’s best to start with a small budget first and focus on finding the right advertising recipe that works.

In our case, we were getting clicks but no conversions for the first few weeks. We tested and perfected our advertising recipe. Slowly facebook AI was able to target the right groups and we started generating unique leads.

These leads wanted to contact Gary because they saw his details, so the conversion was much better. When you generate leads through aggregators, customers have no idea who you are.

Automation to improve conversion

If you want to convert leads into customers, then answering them instantly is very important.

Therefore, we build a lot of integrations where as soon as a lead submits their details, we send an email and SMS notification to Gary with their details. We also let customers know that Gary would be reaching out to them.

Through automation, we built that Gary was sometimes able to reach customers within 2 minutes of their response to an ad.


Gary fired his lead aggregator company because these ads were generating unique and qualified leads for a fraction of the cost.

He was getting new leads every day without spending time on marketing. He was able to focus his energies on selling to qualified customers in his area.

Because he is an expert in the San Diego area, he was able to offer the right Medicare option that had the doctors/providers his clients were looking for.

Customers were also happy because they were talking to someone who lived nearby and understood them. Most of the companies they dealt with earlier were call centers where a government representative would talk to them and not have any information about the doctors/providers in their area.

In the next Medicare open enrollment season, he can hire 10 more people and increase lead generation 10-fold. He can also open agencies in the US and increase his client base 1000 times. This is the power of having large-scale lead generation.

Below we have shared screenshots from Facebook ads manager for medicare ads.

This campaign was used for branding ads aimed at finding the right message.

This is a lead generation campaign

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What next?

Contact our team to see if Facebook is right for you to generate medicare leads. We are currently working with some of our clients to create advertising recipes for other areas of business such as life insurance, health insurance, home insurance and more.

We currently have limited capacity to accept new customers over the next few months, but please feel free to schedule a time to contact us. Based on your request, we can add you to our waiting list and will let you know when we are ready on board.

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