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IN PARTNERSHIP. Founded in India, the popular jewelery brand Tanishq has managed to build a global footprint, including a dominant presence in the UAE.

The vision behind regional expansion

With its latest expansion in the UAE, the jewelery label is looking to deepen its position in the region’s luxury-loving market. As a central attraction for shoppers from all over the world, Tanishq is ready to welcome a diverse clientele at its doorstep.

While there are a number of luxury jewelery brands to choose from, what makes Tanishq a standout choice in the UAE? The label is known for setting higher standards than its contemporaries and delivering on “promises” every time. Whether it is for superior quality or services that require them to go above and beyond, Tanishq must put in that extra effort.

According to Aditya Singh, Head, Jewelery Division, Tanishq International Business, Titan Company Limited, the influx of tourists to the UAE continues to be steady even in summers and the brand is looking forward to making the most of this season. “We are eagerly waiting. an exciting summer ahead. Customers can expect our world-renowned impeccable service and personalized customer support as they step out in style this summer. Our Tanishq Promises remind our existing and new customers that there is no compromise on quality or choice at Tanishq. They too can always expect the best.”

Quality is always important

Talking about services and offers, Tanishq allows easy exchanges and upgrades on all Tanishq diamonds at prevailing diamond prices, making it a much more memorable shopping experience. With this, there is no compromise on quality and the consumer can be sure that every piece of jewelery will be uniform in terms of color and clarity.

While many brands inject lab-grown synthetic diamonds into their jewelry, Tanishq diamonds are 100% natural and sourced ethically and conflict-free. This makes the brand the preferred choice of every ethical shopper.

To get a little more technical, all Tanishq diamonds are 100% vehicle-safe, meaning there is 0 deviation from the stated number. This is because all colored diamonds in Tanishq designs are priced separately and transparently.

Tanishq prides itself on offering the best gold exchange rate in the market. With all this, gold purity is guaranteed thanks to the Tanishq Karatmeter, a spectroscopic device that uses X-rays to provide an accurate and non-destructive method of testing gold purity at no cost.

The leading jewelery brand makes sure to charge only the weight of gold without stones. As for other gemstones, the bijou label offers 100% exchange value for items such as diamonds, polkis, rubies and emeralds.

For more information visit www.tanishq.ae

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