8 great New Year’s resolutions for impatient travelers

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Traveling is the perfect excuse to check some of your New Year’s resolutions. Whether you decide to visit new places or learn a new skill, vacation is always a good time to check something off the checklist. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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Accept it. When the pandemic hit, many of us thought it was the perfect time to brush up on long-hidden language skills acquired back in school. But if the new year finds you still struggling with parlez-vous’ing French, maybe it’s time to deal with real speakers. And you don’t even have to go to France for that. Quebec City, Canada offers the North American version of Francophilia with the added bonus that most locals also speak English (hint). Of course, Quebec City’s appeal goes far beyond its language. It’s the only walled city in North America, so that’s cool. You could easily spend a day or two wandering the walls, along the narrow cobblestone streets filled with a wide variety of artisan boutiques, galleries and restaurants, as well as a crêperie or two. Oh, la, la. Book a hotel stay to get the full flavor of historic Quebec City Fairmont Le Château Frontenacwhich was built for the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1894. Today, it is one of the city’s most popular landmarks.

Whether you’re new to Insta or fancy yourself the next Ansel Adams, focus on visiting Yellowstone National Park in 2022. America’s first national park spans three states (Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho) and nearly 3,500 miles of fascinating terrain. Between the exceptional landscapes, abundant wildlife, and gorgeous geothermal features (here’s looking at you, Old Faithful), there should be more than enough subject matter to hone your mad photography skills. By the way, Yellowstone is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2022, so join in the celebration by following the park on Instagram to keep up with planned events. Since park accommodations are often booked in advance, find a room in West Yellowstonethe main gate of the park.

While there are dozens of worthwhile outdoor activities to choose from, getting sober is something you can do in almost every state. For the uninitiated, spelunking is the art of exploring caves, also known as caving. And if you’re going to dig into the earth, why not do it in the world’s longest known cave system? Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky is home to thousands of years of history and a rich diversity of flora and fauna. That is why it is both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve. Both guided and self-guided caving tours are available year-round, with difficulty routes ranging from relatively easy to extremely difficult. For a bit of fresh air, the park also has miles and miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails, and there are plenty of places to go fishing too. Stay in the nearby city of Cavewhich also happens to be the home of Dinosaur World.

Four points and seven years ago… and then you draw a blank. A good way to reminisce about a historic American classic is to read the lines carved into the marble walls of the Lincoln Memorial. Washington is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the monolith’s dedication in 2022, so it’s a good time to visit Abe, honestly, along with the other iconic groups on the National Mall. Book a stay for this themed adventure here near Eaton DCa hotel aptly inspired by historical political movements that fought for justice and progress.

How many states have you visited? Kansas is one of the least visited states in the Lower 48, so why not use Dodge City’s 150th anniversary as an excuse to finally visit the Sunflower State? Driving down Wyatt Earp Avenue in downtown Dodge City feels like you’ve stepped into a Western movie. Dodge City developed as a frontier town in the Wild West, where both outlaws and cowboys congregated. Today, the Boot Hill Museum features a replica of Dodge City’s historic Main Street, including a church, jail and saloon where you can belly up to the bar and drink sarsaparilla. There are daily reenactments of gunfights and a nightly show for your evening entertainment. If you’re really into the Old West scene, the best time to visit is during Dodge City Days, when you can indulge your broncbuster imaginations by taking part in the rodeo and mechanical bull, buy western-themed artwork, or watch master horse rustlers. at the place of work. Remains The Dodge House Hotel and Convention Center will put you in the middle of all the action.

Did you know that a study by the University of Exeter found that bird watching can have a positive effect on depression, anxiety and stress? Just spending time in nature can also help. At Plum Island, an eleven-mile-long barrier beach island off the northeast coast of Massachusetts, you can discover old-school tweets. Although named for the wild plums that grow along its rolling sand dunes, this little piece of paradise is just as famous for its international bird habitat. Parker River Refuge is a 4,662-acre wetland on the northern tip of the island that serves as a migratory habitat for nearly 300 bird species. After you’re done craning your neck, head to neighboring Newburyport, full of antique purveyors, stylish boutiques, delicious bakeries, and a burgeoning restaurant scene. It’s a convenient place to stay Essex Street Inn & Suites, a historic inn located on a tree-lined street in downtown Newburyport. The town harbor is just around the corner.

You can sign up for a vacation cooking class to learn the local cuisine, or you can learn something as simple as how to shuck an oyster properly. OK, maybe learning how to shuck oysters isn’t at the top of many solution lists, but it’s still a good excuse to visit North Carolina’s Outer Banks. After years of overharvesting decimated oyster populations in these areas, a new crop of farms revived the long-standing tradition. Check them out by following NC Oyster Trail, a project that links markets, restaurants and oyster farm tours. Somewhere along the way, someone will teach you how to open the damn things. Of course, the attractions of the Outer Banks extend far beyond the oyster. With the Atlantic side of the barrier islands serving up some of the East Coast’s most spectacular waves for surfers, and Pamlico Sound serving as both an incubator for kiteboarding and a stand-up paddleboard destination, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. The Inn on Pimlico Sound provides easy access to all operations.

Snorkeling is fun, but you’ll see so much more by diving. In Monterey, California, jump into the water and explore the real habitat of sea otters, sea lions, and harbor seals. Get PADI certified by a local pro, then free-swim through kelp forests alongside colorful rockfish, seals, giant sea bass and more. Monterey State Beach, San Carlos Beach and McAbee Beach are popular local spots for beach diving at all levels. For more marine life exploration, go tidepooling at McAbee Beach. This secluded slip of shore teems with anemones, starfish and other delights. It’s also a great place to build sandcastles. To view incredible sea creatures from dry land, don’t miss the world-famous Monterey Aquarium, then take a break from here. all water activity Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spawhich offers a dramatic seaside setting.

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