7 Healthy Thanksgiving Weight Loss Tips

Why stuff yourself if you’re not Turkey?

Here are 7 healthy Thanksgiving weight loss tips.

1. Eat during the day. Don’t starve to death at Thanksgiving dinner. Even pre-eating a salad, broth-based soup, or vegetables.

2. Enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, but remember that your dinner is one meal for the day, not the start of four days of poor food choices.

3. Enjoy your food. Know when you are full. Don’t eat to eat. Eat slowly.

4. If you are a guest, bring a plate of roasted or sliced ​​vegetables. Healthy food options are always welcome. If leftovers are offered to bring home, take only protein and vegetables.

5. Some people feel that our enjoyment of food diminishes after the first three bites. That’s a great reason to eat smaller portions of higher calorie foods.

6. If you are the host, remember to have healthy food options. When the meal is over, it is important to remove fatty foods from the house. Keep the protein and vegetables.

7. It’s hard to lose weight during a holiday celebration. A better choice would be to enjoy your meal reasonably, maintain your weight, and get right back to your plan at the very next meal.

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