7 Healthy St. Patrick’s Day Snacks and Tips

No, you don’t have to come from Ireland to enjoy the fun of this Irish holiday. And you don’t have to ditch your weight loss plan either. With a little creativity and some clever swaps, you can enjoy all of the St. Patrick’s Day traditions while staying on track. Here are seven healthy ways to eat, drink and be merry this St. Paddy’s Day.

1. Complete your morning healthy

A stack of pancakes topped with spinach and banana greens

Start your lucky day with the right breakfast. True to its name Irish Flag Fruit and Yogurt Parfait layers green kiwi slices, white Greek yogurt and mandarin oranges to create a sweet, themed morning treat.

For something a little more authentic, try the Nutrisystem-approved version Healthy Irish Soda Bread Muffins Recipe. This is a great portion version of this classic treat that’s easily portable if you’re on the go.

Another fun option is green donuts sweetened with spinach and banana. super simple recipe.

2. Reimagine corned beef and cabbage

4 Corned Beef and Cabbage Egg Rolls in Small Plate on Green Surface

A must-have meal for St. Paddy’s Day, but not so much for a diet. Recreate this standard Corned beef and cabbage soup enjoy the same flavors in a waistline-friendly way. Corned lean beef brisket and earthy kale provide the base, while potatoes, carrots, and celery provide a healthy heart. It’s all simmered in a seasoned broth for a soup that will fill your belly with fewer calories.

Or for an inspired spin on a classic, check out our recipe Corned Beef and Cabbage Egg Rolls! The two main ingredients are mixed with Swiss cheese and stuffed into crispy egg rolls for a fun fusion that’s as unique as it is delicious.

Our Corn Beef and Kale Quesadillas is another tasty twist on a traditional meal. They feature corn beef, sauerkraut or kale, Swiss cheese, and whole wheat tortillas for a healthy meal worth celebrating.

3. Try the Twist on Potatoes

Skinny Irish fries in a black dish with a fork next to it

Spuds are often the stars of Irish cooking, but their dishes can be loaded with extra fat and calories. Enter the smart exchange. Colcannon, a St. Paddy’s Day staple, usually combines mashed potatoes and cabbage with a dollop of cream and butter. Our lean version has cauliflower for potatoes and includes nutrient-dense kale instead of cabbage. It also uses lighter versions of milk and butter to make a creamy classic that you can enjoy guilt-free. Check out our Cauliflower Colcannon recipe here. >:

Do you prefer the bite of a potato pancake to a creamy mash? Try this Irish “potato” pancake recipe which uses cottage cheese, oats, vanilla extract and cinnamon to make potato-free pancakes. Neufchatel cheese and Greek yogurt create a creamy base, while shredded coconut adds extra sweetness.

And speaking of sweet, check out this healthier version Skinny Irish Potatoes— treats that are made to look like potatoes but taste like dessert.

4. Serve Shamrock appetizers

Different set of irish shamrock snacks on brown table

Nothing symbolizes St. Patrick’s Day more than the three-leaf clover, so what better way to pay homage than by serving up fun dinners to your party guests. Make your own healthy drink using clover-shaped chips by following our guide Easy Spinach Dip Recipe with Shamrock Tortilla Chips! Or serve a variety of dips of three pitted green bell peppers arranged in a shamrock pattern (Here’s how to do it. >:)

For a little more nourishment, Shamrockin’ Tea Sandwiches offer English muffins, a spread of Neufchatel cheese with onion and dill, and top with a green shamrock formed from a creative mix of sliced ​​cucumber, green bell pepper and parsley leaves. Avocado deviled eggs another festive treat that brings more green deliciousness to your St. Patrick’s Day snack table.

5. Drink something green

Top with a green smoothie straw and cream

If you prefer it something be minty and sweet Pot of gold St. Patrick’s Shake sip for you Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, Nutrisystem Vanilla Protein Shake Mixmint extract, spinach leaves and raw cashews are blended to create a creamy and delicious drink for a fraction of the calories and carbs that come in similar restaurant versions.

If smoothies are more your speed, enjoy one of these matching shades. Green Goddess, Peachy Green Ginger Smoothie or A slim, green grape machine.

6. Choose your beer wisely

2 men holding beer cheering together

The drink of choice for this holiday tends to be beer. Wine first comes to mind; A 12-ounce St. Paddy’s Day special will set you back about 125 calories, so be sure to keep track if you’re indulging. For some other lower calorie options, Check out this article for 10 beers that actually taste good. >:

7. Do an Irish jig

2 parents and their child holding hands dancing outdoors on green grass

Rock out to classic Irish tunes, prepare an online tutorial, and dance in your living room or the great outdoors. All that jumping and walking helps you burn extra calories and improve your health. Not to mention, it’s fun for the whole family! Here are five reasons to put on your dancing shoes and get moving. >:

Need a little extra inspiration? Check out this fun scheme on how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. >:

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