6 Traits Found in German Shepherds That You Won’t Find in Other Dogs

It’s a well-known fact that German Shepherds are an amazing dog to have. They, along with Golden Labrador Retrievers, are some of the most recognizable breeds on the planet, showing up all over the globe.

In addition to their massive popularity, German Shepherds are also incredibly intelligent animals that, if trained properly, can be your closest friend.

Ask any owner and they’ll go on and on about how amazing the breed is as well as what you should know before getting one.

German Shepherd Dog Traits

While, like most animals, they can vary in personality and overall temperament, there are roughly 6 key traits that all German Shepherds share which make them so unique amongst the canine family:

  • Loyalty
  • Intelligence
  • Trainability
  • Fearlessness
  • Athleticism
  • Shedding


Starting with the most commonly reported trait found in them as a whole, German Shepherds are fiercely loyal animals that form strong bonds with their owners.

Rather than do well alone in the backyard like most dogs, German Shepherds only really thrive when they are adequately made a part of the family. Those that are isolated tend to develop behavior problems due to loneliness and a lack of stimulation.


German Shepherds are incredibly intelligent animals. And while that is very good, if not properly trained at a young age, they can become quite a handful.

Owners that are not properly assertive can often become eahandfulsily overruled by the dogs, causing them to usually act in very destructive ways around the house.


Raised as herding dogs, German Shepherds were bred to work and thrsituationsive in an environment where they are given tasks and challenges. It is for this reason that they are often used as the primary service dogs in many situations.


When it comes to fearlessly protecting their families, there isn’t anything quite like a German Shepherd. Properly trained, these dogs have a protective instinct to guard and protect their family, often to tremendous lengths.


True evidence that ‘Air Bud’ should have been a German Shepherd, these dogs are incredibly athletic, easily excelling at all dog sports and activities.

While they don’t require sports to be happy, they do need an owner that has at least somewhat of an active lifestyle to take them out for walks and to play.

German Shepherds have a ton of energy to burn and shouldn’t be taken in by owners that are averse to gross displays of activity and affection.


Just as they are known for their incredible amounts of intelligence, so too are they notorious shedders of fur. Two times a year, all year round, German Shepherds blow their coat, leaving tons of hair all over the place.

If you are someone that is allergic to pet dander or are unable to actively clean up after them, they may not be the pet for you.

Real Commitment

German Shepherds are amazing dogs with a large number of great traits. However, they aren’t for everyone. If you are not an active or especially attentive person, it may be best to look at another animal.

For everyone else, you couldn’t ask for a better friend.

Picture Source: Pixabay

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