6 Best Places to Visit in Kandy

Step back into the days of the kings, pay homage to the magnificent sanctuaries and bask in the glory of the greenest gardens in Sri Lanka’s Central Province. This is what a Kandy vacation is all about.

Sri Dalada Maligava

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sri Dalada Maligawa is an important pilgrimage site for Buddhist devotees in the island nation and around the world. Famous for housing the tooth relic of Lord Buddha, the shrine displays the hallmarks of Kandyan architecture and is lined with carvings in ivory, gold, silver and bronze.

Royal Botanic Gardens Peradeniya

Opened by the British in 1843, the Peradeniya Royal Botanic Gardens, bordering the mighty Mahaveli River, is home to over 4,000 plant species. These include medicinal plants, spices, orchids and palm trees, the latter of which towers over its inhabitants. If you’re looking for a good place to start your travels, look no further Hotel Topaz which is comfort Hotel Kandy has to offer.

Embekka Devalaya

Embekka Devalaya, built during the Gampola era by King Vikramabahu III, is considered a work of art for its exquisite wood carvings and craftsmanship. Even the nails used in its construction are made of wood.

Ceylon Tea Museum

Delve into the heart of tea production at the Ceylon Tea Museum, nestled in the hills of Hantane. Explore the cars that have been used, buy your own souvenirs and take a look at the telescope on the 4th floor and you will be treated to amazing views of Kandy.

British Garrison Cemetery

Stroll through the British Garrison Cemetery, where colonial-era British officers and their families were laid to rest. Check out the detailed gravestones at the cemetery, which officially stopped burials in 1873.

Katusu Konda

Image via Wikimedia Commons – KingAlawaka, Katusu Konda Rock (Lizard Back Shape) Knuckles Mountain Range 1, CC BY-SA 4.0

Fancy a hike? Then consider climbing Katusu Konda, a high peak that includes a narrow ridge that represents a lizard’s back. After the top, you can look at deep green valleys and slopes that will take your breath away.

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