6 Benefits of Eating Healthy Food — Sarah Pelc Graca. Virtual Weight Loss Coach with Strong Sarah

There’s more to a healthy life than a scale number.

Check out 6 benefits of eating healthy and exercising that have nothing to do with the number on the scale.

1. More energy to live your life. Eating nutritious foods and moving your body consistently leads to higher energy levels.

2. Challenge yourself to a new fitness goal. Maybe you’ve never run a mile in your life… Why not try it now? Or can you walk 1 mile every day for 30 days? Nothing compares to achieving a goal you never achieved.

3. Keep track of your children or grandchildren. Being healthy means having the energy and physical strength to keep up with loved ones.

4. Better sleep. Eating fruits, vegetables, and protein helps regulate melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep control.

5. Less disease, less medication and (possibly) longer life. Taking control of your health means reducing your risk of heart disease, diabetes, some forms of cancer, and other diseases.

6. Eating ice cream without guilt. Being healthy means trusting yourself to ENJOY your favorite non-nutritious foods in moderation while knowing you have the skills to eat healthy and exercise most of the time. Feeling guilty or ashamed after eating certain foods is the opposite of being healthy.

Can you think of other benefits of living a healthy life that have nothing to do with your weight?

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