5 Ways Facilities Management Software Can Help Manage Waste in Facilities

Waste management in facilities with facilities management software

5 Ways Facilities Management Software Can Help Manage Waste in Facilities

One of the most important aspects of facility management is effective waste management. Waste management at facilities refers to the set of practices and processes used to treat and manage waste generated at a facility. These wastes can be solid, liquid or gaseous and may contain hazardous substances that pose a risk to the environment and to people working/living in and around the facilities. So, be it small or large, effective waste management is essential in every facility.

However, the task of effective waste management can be very difficult, especially in large facilities. However, with technological advancements and the advent of facility management software; Simplifying and managing waste in facilities has become significantly easier. Thus, this blog attempts to discuss the importance of facility waste management and the common challenges facility managers face in managing waste effectively and how facility management software can help in facility waste management.

Why is effective waste management important in facilities?

Effective waste management practices in facilities include waste segregation, proper storage, transportation and disposal. Not only this, it also involves implementing waste reduction strategies such as recycling and composting. Also, effective waste management requires facilities to adopt practices that reduce the waste generated, such as using energy-efficient equipment and processes.

Research has shown that by 2050, global waste production will reach 27 billion tons per year. Thus, by implementing comprehensive waste management, facilities can minimize their impact on the environment, comply with rules and regulations, and conserve resources. Furthermore, effective waste management commits institutions to continuous improvement and regular monitoring, which helps ensure that practices are in place, effective and sustainable. All of these practices significantly impact health, safety and efficiency in facilities and improve the experience of people living/working in facilities.

What are the main challenges that facility managers face in managing waste effectively?

Challenges of effective waste management in facilities

What are the main challenges that facility managers face in managing waste effectively?

Facility managers are entrusted with this important task of waste management at facilities. Waste is generated in facilities on a daily basis and it is the responsibility of facility managers to manage it effectively and ensure hygiene and cleanliness in facilities. However, in carrying out their task of effective waste management, facility managers face a number of challenges, which include:

  • Mixed waste waste. Employee involvement is critical to effective waste management in facilities. But generally, it is seen that employees do not give importance to this aspect and take actions such as mixed waste of organic and toxic waste, which makes it difficult for facility managers to effectively manage waste in facilities.

  • Improper classification of waste. A variety of wastes are generated in facilities, including food waste, hazardous waste, e-waste, and more. Proper classification of these wastes is really necessary for their proper disposal. However, classifying and managing these various waste streams becomes very complex for facility managers.

  • Overflowing trash cans. Another big challenge that facility managers face when managing waste is overflowing bins. Overflowing bins create an unpleasant and unsanitary environment, attract pests and vermin that endanger the health of people living/working in the vicinity, and increase the potential for fire hazards in facilities.

  • Lack of separation at the source. Segregation at source is very important to ensure proper waste disposal. However, it is very difficult and sometimes impossible for enterprise managers to manually ensure segregation at the source.

How Can Facilities Management Software Help Effectively Manage Waste in Facilities?

Facility Management Software for Waste Management in Facilities and Waste Management in Facilities AI Video Analytics and AI Monitoring Solutions for Waste Management

How Can Facilities Management Software Help Effectively Manage Waste in Facilities?

The emergence of facility management software has revolutionized the way managers go about their task of facility management. From space management and security surveillance to predictive maintenance and waste management, viAct facility management software that leverages the power of AI Video Analytics plays a critical role. By providing real-time visibility into waste generation as well as disposal activities, this intelligent software simplifies waste management, allows you to reduce waste, help you comply with regulations, save pennies and improve the experience of people living/working in the facility.

Below are the various ways viAct’s facility management software leverages industry-leading vision technology to offer intelligent AI monitoring solutions for efficient waste management;

  • Real-time bin monitoring and overflow bin alerts. Smart facility management software can monitor bins in real-time around the clock. It can detect the type(s) of spilled material as well as incidents such as bins overflowing and activate instant alerts so that the concerned party can take appropriate action. This helps avoid situations like overflowing bins that create an unhygienic environment and also helps save costs.

  • Separation and classification of waste at source. A dynamic artificial intelligence monitoring system can classify the different types of waste generated on site and ensure that the right type of waste is dumped in the right container. This helps in segregation of waste at the very beginning and prevents incidents of mixed waste of organic and toxic waste. This also helps the stakeholders to properly dispose the waste according to its nature and type.

  • Detailed trash inventory. Using a centralized management platform, facility managers can view all bins in their facility/property in real-time, anytime, anywhere. Here, they can get an idea of ​​the location of the bins, their latest measurements, collection schedule and selection recognition, the type of waste dumped, etc. Thus, by using facility management software, facility managers get the added benefit of having a detailed bin inventory in one place.

  • Waste collection planning and route monitoring. ViAct’s intelligent waste management system can help facility managers monitor bin fill levels and collection requirements and plan waste collection frequency and routes accordingly. Furthermore, intelligent AI video analytics can further automate and optimize waste collection route planning based on available data from waste collection vehicles, warehouses and landfills. This helps in better utilization of resources and reduces the costs associated with this task.

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