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Nothing says “I love you” like a decadent dessert that’s often sweeter when it’s whipped up from scratch. But at the same time, nothing says “I care” like making something that’s not only delicious, but also nutritious.

After all, too much sugar and saturated fat, common in many store-bought Valentine’s Day treats, is best in moderation. An excess of these can be linked to concerns like metabolic syndrome and diabetes, which can compromise not only your overall health, but also your sex drive.

Challenge yourself to try something new this year with these easy Valentine’s Day dessert recipes. Shared by the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association and other trusted sources, you can feel confident that they offer healthy options and are delicious, too.

This dessert uses fat-free Greek yogurt as a creaming agent for its delicious chocolate flavor, and it’s the kind of dish that can be served in one large bowl for two to share. With sugar-free chocolate, skim milk, fat-free whipped topping and fresh berries, it’s the perfect rich-tasting treat as a fun after-dinner surprise.

Imagine this. It’s a chilly evening on February 14th, and you’re staying warm and cozy with your significant other. You’re wearing pajamas and fuzzy socks, a good movie is on, and takeout from your favorite restaurant down the street. But you forgot dessert. No need to worry. microwave this cookie in a cup for a minute and you’ve got a quick and easy meal with no mess. Egg whites and alternative sweeteners add a lighter touch to this dish.

Every February, it’s common to see chocolate-dipped fruit prepackaged and displayed on grocery store shelves. These fruit smoothies are basically the same as these, but homemade and without the high price tag. With just four ingredients (chocolate chips, banana, strawberries and walnuts), this USDA recipe couldn’t be simpler. And besides the chocolate chips, there’s no sugar. You only need to chill them for a few minutes until the chocolate hardens enough, so throw them together before dinner to complete the night with something sweet.

Calling this dish “a healthy twist on a classic dessert,” the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute helps lighten and brighten this Spanish favorite with a little honey, lemon zest, skim milk, and egg replacer. It takes approximately 45 minutes to bake, so plan accordingly. Garnish with some berries if you like and dig in! This is truly a classic.

These sandwich bites just sing Valentine’s Day with their pink filling and chocolate chip cookies on the outside. Alternative sweeteners add a bit of sweetness, and almond flour lends its warm and nutty flavor. This recipe can be a little laborious, as pasta recipes tend to be. It just means they’re great to make with a loved one.

Share the love and pass the plate

Between these options and the many other Valentine’s Day dessert recipes you’ll find online, there are plenty of opportunities to make this year’s Valentine’s Day a little sweeter with a healthy twist. So go out and surprise your special someone with something homemade. it might just become your new favorite tradition.

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