4 reasons why Thierry Henry’s assessment of Victor Osimen is wrong

Thierry Henry’s assessment of Victor Osimen is not correct following his comments about the Nigerian striker on Wednesday.

The former Barcelona forward was asked how he rates Victor Osihen and he rated the Nigerian striker well, but he believes he will struggle big time.

Thierry Henry is certainly one to ask about a striker looking back on his legendary career as a striker, but he could be deceiving on this one.

The former Barcelona striker, while assessing the games of Victor Osihen, suggested that the Nigerian can fight in a big club where he can be a focal point.

‘I think he will go wherever he wants.’ He can adapt to many sides and any league.”

“When you play in a team like Napoli, everything comes to him. But it’s a different ball game when you play in the front three. Balls don’t always buy you at a big club with three big boys coming up.

– That’s what I want to see. how does he react when he is not the only focal point? But apart from that he has everything. He can hold the ball well, he can run to the channel, he can finish well with his head and foot.”

First, “Napoli” plays with a front three, and the strikers score goals, now there is no bigger winger than Khvicha Kvaratskhelia.

A Georgian like Victor Osihen scored 28 goals this season: 13 goals and 15 assists. He gets his goals, Victor gets his.

If Viktor plays alongside quality wingers, he will definitely improve.

Second, Victor Osihen doesn’t even take a penalty, his 23 goals are without a single penalty. The other big guy on the team might have it.

“Zielinski asked if he could take the penalty, I said no problem,” Victor Osihen said after the match against Frankfurt.

“It doesn’t matter who scores as long as the team succeeds.

“That’s the most important thing. I know my goals will be with or without penalties.”

Third, Victor Osihen may be a focal point, but the difficulty level of his goals and the way he has largely worked for those goals suggests he will score on any team.

Victor Osihen scored 11 goals with his right foot, 4 goals with his left foot, 6 headers, 1 from the counter and only 1 shot.

Maybe Thierry Henry is not familiar with Victor Oximen’s game, his goals are incredible, incredible and sometimes with his own hands.

Viktor scores from half chances. He doesn’t really need the ball at all to work his magic.

If you do what Victor Osihen does at Napoli at any club, regardless of status, you will always score goals.

Victor comes deep, makes good connections, good in the air, can play full back and play with his feet, come on Thierry, you should know better.

Victor Osihen is sure to play at any club and thrive playing alongside superstars like him.

After all, if the team’s goal is to win, a proper manager will play to his team’s strengths.

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