2023 Consumer Research Unlocks Global Buyer Insights

Salsify publishes its 2023 consumer research report, surveying more than 6,000 consumers in Australia, France, Germany, the UK and the US.

With its release annual consumer research reportSalsify continues to help brands zero in on the critical product page elements and what consumer channels they need to prioritize and optimize to stay profitable and grow.

Report: 2023 Global Consumer Guide

From the rise of store branding to the demand—no, need—for a seamless digital presence, learn more about what consumers want in 2023.


New insights from 2023 consumer research

In order for consumers around the world to better connect with your brand story and buy your products, one thing is certain. You need to be found (and look your best) across an array of digital touch points.

This includes keeping your product offering and content clear in a memorable way omnichannel experiences — not just plain text on a web page.

Top results from Salsify’s most recent consumer research

Of the many insights included in the 2023 Consumer Research Report, here are a few points that stand out.

  • The lingering effects of the pandemic have kept more consumers online. 68 percent of consumers shop online more than anywhere else.
  • Inflation does not lower consumer standards, but changes their preferences. 51 percent of shoppers said they spend more time researching products and prioritize product quality when making a choice.
  • Consumers continue to expect stellar product content and consistency wherever they find your brand online. The best method consumers use to research products before they buy is Amazon, not your website.

Next steps. Unlock more consumer research insights

With the pandemic fog finally lifted, but with predictions of a possible recession, this year’s retail landscape is nothing short of difficult to navigate for brands, retailers and discerning consumers.

Staying profitable, building a larger customer base based on trust and Winning the digital shelf is possible in 2023 — with the right ideas.

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