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As Wembley wakes up, here’s a guide to the 2022-23 FA Cup semi-final draw.

With this season’s FA Cup drawing to a close, here’s a guide to everything you need to know about the semi-final draw as four teams are guaranteed to visit Wembley as they bid for a place in this season’s FA Cup final.

When is the semi-final draw?

The semi-final draw will take place live on BBC One following Brighton’s quarter-final against Grimsby Town on March 19, with the draw starting at approximately 16:10 GMT but delayed if the game goes into extra time. time and possibly fines.

How many teams are there in the draw?

Three teams are bound to be involved at the time of the draw, with the last quarter-final between Manchester United and Fulham taking place immediately after the draw, so both clubs will share the 2nd ball.

Ball number team
1: Manchester City
2: Manchester United/Fulham
3: Brighton & Hove Albion/Grimsby Town
4: Sheffield United/Blackburn Rovers

When will the semi-final games take place?

The semi-final matches will take place on April 22-23 at Wembley Stadium in London, where the winners will receive £1 million in prize money.

There will be no replays if the semi-final ends in extra time and possible penalties, as both matches will be decided on the same day.

The BBC will broadcast the selection for the first time and ITV will broadcast the semi-final, which the BBC chose not to broadcast live.

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