10 of my favorite kitchen gadgets for a healthy lifestyle

I really must be the queen of kitchen gadgets and I think I have everything I need until I find something new and realize I need it too. My favorite kitchen gadgets are the ones that encourage me to cook healthy and the ones that are small and easily fit in drawers or cupboards. Here I’ll share with you my top 10 kitchen gadgets and some extra little gadgets I’ve bought for them that make them even better.

chciken tikka, aloo gajar matar and rice

The above photo of chicken tikka masala, rice and aloo gajjar matar was made using a slow cooker for the tikka, a pressure cooker for the rice and an air fryer for the aloo gajjar matar.

My top 10 kitchen tools


Whether you prefer a large blender or a hand blender, or maybe both, they are so useful. Whether you’re mixing up milkshakes or smoothies in the summer, or some soups in the winter, they’re invaluable.

This Vonhaus blender is such good value for money and doesn’t take up much space either. I love that it has alternate tops so you can use it for different things.

Air Fryer:

If you’ve never heard of a fan, you must have been living under a rock for the past few years. They are fast becoming one of the most popular kitchen gadgets, essentially a mini oven and an alternative to deep fat frying.

I’ve used a huge variety of air fryers over the years and I think they’re basically the same, and it’s the power and price that you need to compare.

I wrote a whole post about my favorite fan accessories, read it and see if it inspires you.

air fryer accessories in air fryer basket

Food processor

Do you have a food processor? I don’t use mine as often as I should, but they are amazing gadgets. You can easily chop, blend, chop and grate with one gadget. This one from Vonhaus is £74.99.

Food processors are probably one of the most versatile kitchen tools and are much cheaper than they used to be.

Slow cooker

I love slow cookers, there are so many things you can cook in them from casseroles to whole chickens. Did you see my article full of slow cooker recipes? There are so many things you can cook and the beauty of it is that your food is cooking while you work.

Do you have good slow cooker accessories? There are so many useful purchases. My favorites are:

von chef slow cooker

Electric can opener

It may sound silly, but these are such a lifesaver. For a few pounds, you’ll see it change your life. I always thought they were silly and unnecessary, but they’re actually pretty good, and I wouldn’t be without mine now. This electric can opener can change your life too.

Meat thermometer

I absolutely love my meat thermometer and it has probably saved us from food poisoning many times. Not only that, but also overcooking the food. There are so many you can buy at a whole range of prices, the one I have is quite expensive but worth every penny.

Microwave oven

How did we ever live without microwaves? There are so many things in them that you can cook or reheat. What’s your favorite? Do you just reheat leftovers or use them for cooking like jacket potatoes and cottage cheese? Nowadays we wouldn’t really call it a gadget because it’s more important, but I still feel like it’s a tool because I remember life without it.

Teppanyaki grill

We use a teppanyaki grill instead of a barbecue in the summer. They are electric and can be used both indoors and outdoors to cook any kind of great food. I especially like them for making veggie burgers because they don’t have grill racks to let the burgers melt.

Pressure cooker

I’m fairly new to pressure cookers, but I’ve found them to be really helpful. You can cook a whole meat a lot faster and even things like rice are really easy to cook in it. I made perfect long grain rice in 15 minutes the other day. Be careful, though, that you usually need less water in a pressure cooker.


I use my Tassimo machine every day without fail. It’s perfect for all kinds of coffees, hot chocolates, and more, and while the pods can be quite expensive, it delivers delicious coffee every time. It is definitely my most used kitchen gadget. While it doesn’t make your food any healthier, it certainly makes my mind healthier by starting the day with coffee.

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