10 Best Apps for People With Diabetes

By: IDF Diabetes Atlas Reportthere are More than 537 million adults worldwide have diabetes.

And that number is only growing. By 2045, projections suggest that about 784 million adults will have the disease. That said, nothing prevents them from living a normal life. Diabetics should take into account one consideration. daily monitoring of their health.

Fortunately, we now live in an age where technology makes our lives infinitely easier. And there are tons of apps to help with just about anything you can imagine.

This article will focus on ten of the best apps that people with diabetes can use to lead any other life. And for simplicity, we will divide the applications into three categories. nutrition, per day magazineand: blood glucose monitors.

You are ready: Let’s begin.

Nutritional supplements for diabetics

1. VitaScale

Applications for people with diabetes

VitaScale is a Polish app created for type 1 diabetics and people who want to track what they eat.

The app allows users to calculate the calorie count of food while checking the carbohydrate, fat and protein content. Users search for products by text, voice or barcode scanning with a huge product database available both online and offline.

Here are some key features that help people with diabetes:

  • WW weight converter (carb converters)
  • FPU: weight converter (protein-fat converters)
  • Calculation of insulin units depending on the time of day
  • Calculation of insulin units using the caloric method
  • Diabetes diary (glycemic records)

VitaScale is available for download Google Play.

2. Calculator WBT

Applications for people with diabetes

Kalkulator WBT is an app developed by a Polish company called DiabetesLab. It measures protein-to-fat metabolism in people with diabetes, providing rapid results to help people better manage their disease.

Users can choose between two WBT modes:

  • Protein-fat
  • Kcal-carbohydrate

Users also have two options for calculating WW:

  • 10g of carbohydrates equals 1WW
  • 12g of carbs equals 1WW

The app calculates both WBT and WW based on the weight of a serving of food or a specific item. And accurate calculation allows diabetics to know the required dose of insulin after each meal.

Kalkulator WBT is available for download Google Play.

3. MyFitnessPal

Applications for people with diabetes

Is the latest app focused on nutrition MyFitnessPal:, which is available in English. This diet tracker helps people manage how much carbs, fat and protein they eat by giving an overview of the content when they scan a food’s barcode.

MyFitnessPal has a searchable database of over 300,000,000 foods. And while it’s not specifically for people with diabetes, many people use it because following a balanced diet is one of the most important steps in keeping blood sugar under control.

MyFitnessPal is available for download App Store: and: Google Play.

Daily journal applications for diabetics

4. MySugr

Applications for people with diabetes

MySugr is the brainchild of people living with diabetes that allows users to record all of their diabetes data in one place.

The app tracks blood sugar and carbohydrate levels. And it suggests insulin doses to help people avoid hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. Users can also sync it with Apple Health to get a comprehensive health overview, as well as integrate it with specific glucometers, including Dexcom (available on iOS).

It’s easy to share data with a healthcare provider, making it easier to adjust treatments and better manage diabetes based on accurate information.

MySugr is available for download App Store: and: Google Play.

5. Glooko

Applications for people with diabetes

Gluco allows people with diabetes to sync data from their blood sugar meter, insulin pump or CGM, as well as food and physical activity data, all in one place.

When the information is synced, the app offers useful insights, such as how long your blood sugar levels have been or changes. It also provides a holistic view of the user’s health, making it easier for the healthcare provider to make informed decisions about possible treatments.

Glooko is available for download App Store: and: Google Play.

6. Dario Health

Applications for people with diabetes

Dario Health offers users a complete solution for personalized diabetes management. The app supports diabetics by tracking their blood glucose levels in real time, recording their insulin doses, along with carbs and calories.

Results are automatically synced within the app, making it easy for users to share their current health status with their doctor. The app has a life-saving feature. when a low glucose level is detected, Dario Health will prepare a text message, including current blood glucose level and GPS location, to send to up to four emergency contacts.

The app is also compatible with the Dario Blood Pressure Monitoring System, recording and collecting blood pressure readings in the same logbook that tracks blood glucose.

Dario Health is available for download App Store: and: Google Play.

Blood glucose monitoring applications for diabetics

7. OneTouch Reveal

Applications for people with diabetes

Discovering OneTouch has helped more than one million OneTouch glucometer users take a step forward in managing their diabetes.

Using blood glucose readings, the app automatically identifies and highlights patterns. Users can then create and track personalized goals and visualize their progress over time using a number of other valuable features, including:

  • BG tests. monitoring to determine blood sugar levels
  • Following carbohydrates. record carbohydrates consumed regularly to see the relationship between food intake and blood sugar levels
  • Tracking physical activity. control the volume of movement

If an atypical glucose level occurs, the app sends a notification to the user to take action, and it shares progress updates through personalized diabetes reports.

OneTouch Reveal is available for download App Store: and: Google Play.

8. Dexcom Clarity & Dexcom G6

Applications for people with diabetes

Dexcom Clarity: designed for diabetics using the Dexcom CGM device. It provides relevant insights into users’ feedback glucose values, patterns and trends over time.

Using the data, the user can spot trends, graphs and daily statistics. The app also works with the Dexcom G6 app to help people monitor their blood glucose levels in real time (it takes a reading every 5 minutes, which is almost 300 times a day).

The results show how quickly blood glucose levels either rise or fall, helping people with diabetes decide how to manage their condition.

Dexcom Clarity: available for download App Store: and: Google Play.

9. Eversense

Applications for people with diabetes

Eversense works with the Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system to measure glucose for up to 180 days.

The app itself provides personalized alerts for hypo and hyperglycemia, helping people know when to act. It also shows the rate and direction of glucose fluctuations using data on glucose-related events such as food, insulin dose and physical activity.

Easy-to-read charts and graphs are updated every five minutes, allowing users to check data on their smartphone or Apple Watch.

Eversense available for download App Store: and: Google Play.

10. FreeStyle LibreLink

Applications for people with diabetes

FreeStyle LibreLink: uses the FreeStyle Libre sensor to monitor current blood glucose levels, using an arrow to show trends, and also highlights glucose history. The app also tracks food intake, insulin use and exercise before generating reports and sharing them with doctors.

FreeStyle LibreLink: available for download App Store: and: Google Play.

Find the app that works for you

We hope that we have introduced you to some new options that you can use in your diabetes management.

As you can see, there are many choices on the table, so the path you choose will likely depend on your personal needs and preferences.

And there is an important aspect that should be noted. In addition to the blood glucose monitoring apps we mentioned above, some sensors can read data directly from pumps, enabling more automated responses.

One such sensor is the Guardian, which is compatible with:

  • Medtronic 640G
  • Medtronic 780G

As always, if you know of any apps that we haven’t listed, please let us know.

We want to help others discover as many valuable resources for managing diabetes as possible.

Write your suggestion in the comments Facebook or LinkedIn:and we will definitely update the article with the most interesting applications.

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