10 Benefits of Pilates for Mind and Body (Backed by Science)

10 benefits of Pilates

This is not your average list of 10 benefits of Pilates. You may hear about the physical benefits of Pilates, such as getting stronger or looking more toned, but its value goes much deeper than that.

In this list, we explore how Pilates affects your whole being, including sex, sleep, aging, and much more, all backed by science.

Let’s get to the bottom of how this movement style can affect you with the top 10 benefits of Pilates.

1. Reduce stress and improve your mood

Source: International Journal of Psychiatry

Because Pilates combines physical movement with mindful presence, it can have a calming, meditative effect. In fact, Pilates can relieve chronic stress, anxiety, or depression. It also helps stimulate the release of serotonin (a mood-boosting hormone), so you often end your workout feeling uplifted and refreshed.

Lindywell tip. Come to your mat if you feel anxious or stressed. A short 10-minute session can be just what you need to reenergize and feel rejuvenated.

2. Ease the pain with better posture

Source: International Journal of Spine Research

Misalignment of your spine (spinal misalignment) can lead to muscle weakness and imbalance. If you experience chronic pain, this may be the cause. Pilates, however, can improve spinal health by restoring a natural, healthy curve in the lumbar (lower back), thoracic (mid to upper back) and cervical (neck) regions.

This helps improve your posture, which relieves pressure on the entire spinal column to relieve pain and tension in other areas of the body. As I always say (and what Joseph Pilates always taught): you are only as young as your spine is healthy.

Lindywell tip. Keep your spine healthy and happy with our Pilates Powerhouse mat, made with just the right amount of thickness for stability and support.

3. Feel stronger in every area of ​​life

Source: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Your core muscles are the foundation for movement on and off the mat. When you reach out to pick something up, you use your core muscles to twist. When walking on sand, you use your core to stay balanced.

Pilates focuses on these core muscles, and when the core is strong, you can move more freely without strain, tension or discomfort. Plus, you’ll feel more mobile and flexible overall. This means you can do anything you want in your daily life and: feel strong as you do it.

Lindywell tip. Remember to stay tuned in to listen to your body during each workout. You don’t need to increase the intensity to reap the strength benefits. In fact, moving slower and with more intention is actually often harder and will help you build just as much strength, if not more.

4. Create mental clarity

Source: Frontiers in psychology

Pilates’ mind-body coordination can strengthen your attention span, self-efficacy, emotional regulation, and overall cognitive function. This supports you in your Pilates training, your work and your personal life. When your brain is sharp and alert, you can be your best self to yourself and everyone around you.

Lindywell tip. Start or end each Pilates workout with one of the breathing exercises in the Lindywell app. Taking a few minutes to breathe quietly can help you create more mental clarity.

5. Be strong in old age

Source: Journal of Manual Therapy, Posturology, and Rehabilitation

As the body ages (which can start as early as age 26), it’s normal to lose bone density over time. Women who have gone through menopause, however, are at a higher risk of bone deterioration with osteoporosis. Fortunately, Pilates can strengthen bone mineral density to improve functional movement and protect the musculoskeletal system from becoming brittle or fragile.

Lindywell tip. Consistency is important for building bone strength and flexibility over time. Just one short workout each day, even just 5-10 minutes, will help with bone strength and health.

6. Sleep better and feel more rested

Source: Maturitas Journal

Uninterrupted, restful sleep is crucial to both mental and physical well-being, and Pilates can help with that. In fact, women who participated in Pilates for at least three months saw an increase in overall sleep quality, as well as a decrease in fatigue and mental health issues that affect sleep.

Lindywell tip. You don’t have to do Pilates right before bed to get a better night’s sleep. A Pilates workout any time of day will improve your restful sleep at night.

7. Boost your immune system to fight disease

Source: PLOS One Journal

Immune health and resilience are vital to staying healthy. Pilates has been found to reduce inflammation while promoting plasma and hemoglobin circulation. This means you’ll have less inflammation and more circulation, which can lead to stronger immunity.

Lindywell tip. A strong immune system is important all year round, not just during winter or flu season. Maintaining a consistent practice, no matter the season, is the best way to keep your immune system healthy when you need it most.

8. Be in tune with your body

Source: Frontiers in Psychiatry

Body awareness is a state of conscious connection with the form and function of your own body as it moves through space. Consistent Pilates practice is correlated with higher levels of body awareness, which can improve overall body image and acceptance. This helps combat body dissatisfaction and can even help you connect with deeper compassion.

Lindywell tip. We begin each Lindywell workout with a moment of connection with the body, then move with intention. This allows you to create a better connection with your body both on and off the mat.

9. Reduce your risk of injury

Source: British Medical Journal

Pilates helps you develop dynamic strength, which allows you to repeatedly apply force to muscles and joints without causing strain or injury. In fact, football players who used Pilates as conditioning were more stable in their knees, hips and other joints. This not only increased their coordination and performance on the field, but also reduced their risk of sports injuries.

Lindywell tip. You don’t have to play football to experience the benefits of dynamic strength. Doing Pilates helps you feel stronger when you do the active things you love, like playing with your kids or going for long walks.

10. Improve your sexual health and function

Source: International Journal of Public Health and Environmental Research

Pilates can play an amazing role in your sexual health because it activates the core and can help strengthen the pelvic floor. Your pelvic floor muscles, located at the base of your pelvis between the hip flexors and tailbone, play an important role in sexual function. Since this area is home to the vagina and uterus, a healthy, properly functioning pelvic floor is essential for both pleasure and reproduction.

Lindywell tip. While Pilates can support this area of ​​your health, if you experience chronic pelvic pain, dysfunction, or discomfort, it’s important to get care from a pelvic therapist.

10 benefits of Pilates. Support your mind and body

Pilates can improve all areas of your life, mind and body, and these benefits are also backed up by science. The best part is that you don’t have to practice for hours every day to experience less stress, better sleep, stronger bones, or any other benefits. Just a few minutes each day or a few times a week can positively impact your life.

If you want to experience these 10 benefits of Pilates, register for yourself Lindywell free trial get fit today and feel good for life or sign in to the app if you are already a member.

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