07 Health Benefits of Matcha Tea You Should Know

Over the past few years, matcha tea has become an essential part of Japanese culture and is now gaining immense popularity in various countries.

Due to the taste and health benefits of matcha tea, it is widely used in various ceremonies in Japan, where matcha green tea is prepared by stirring the tea with a bamboo whisk using the old traditional method.

Matcha is grown in different parts of Japan, however, you can find high quality matcha tea plants mainly grown in Kyoto and Uji region.

Also, the matcha tea cultivation process is really interesting, where only 20% of the sun’s rays are allowed to reach the matcha plants, covering those plants with bamboo shades.

This process of growing matcha plants helps increase the chlorophyll levels in the leaves. Once the process was complete, farmers plucked the buds from the grown leaf, steamed, dried, and finally ground those leaves to produce matcha tea powder.

Health benefits of Mathca tea

So, without wasting any more time, let’s find out the various health and fitness benefits of matcha tea that make it popular among other types of healthy green tea.

1 – Rich in antioxidants

There is no doubt that Matcha green tea is cultivated from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, from which green tea is obtained. And, just like green tea, matcha tea also contains the richest and most active antioxidant property, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

According to a study, matcha tea was found to have 137 times more EGCG than any other Chinese green tea. Antioxidants help boost immunity, flush out harmful toxins, and reduce inflammation in the body, which helps prevent excess weight gain and aid weight loss.

2 – Low calorie

According to health experts, Matcha tea is low in calories, about 3 calories per gram. So, it doesn’t matter if you take more than 2 g of tea, you won’t absorb many calories.

And as we know, the fewer calories we consume, the less risk there is of those calories not being stored as fat on our bodies.

3 – Provides energy

When it comes to the health benefits of matcha green tea, drinking matcha tea also helps increase alertness, increase energy levels, and help you stay more active. So, the more active and refreshed you feel, the more active and energetic you will be.

Consuming pure matcha increases your stamina, prevents you from feeling sluggish, and provides resistance at the body level, which can aid in weight loss.

4 – Secure the body

There’s no doubt that poor eating habits and lifestyle can lead to unwanted toxins building up in your body. And one of the main causes of weight gain is toxic accumulation.

So, to overcome this situation, it is only necessary to regularly detoxify the body. And what else could be more beneficial than drinking pure matcha tea, which contains many antioxidants to help you eliminate harmful radicals?

A full body detox with matcha tea will help you prevent constipation, lose weight, build strong immunity and improve your overall health.

5 – Help in! Increases metabolism

If you want to lose weight, you should not neglect to pay attention to your body’s metabolic rate. If your body has a slow metabolic rate, it will be difficult for you to shed fat, no matter how much you exercise or how little you eat.

Regular consumption of pure matcha green tea has been found to help boost a sluggish metabolism. The catechins found in tea help increase the body’s metabolic rate during or after exercise.

6 – Helps lower cholesterol

As mentioned earlier, Matcha tea is one of the richest sources of EGCG, a powerful antioxidant you’ll find in most teas on the market.

According to the study, EGCG was found to help reduce bad cholesterol levels in lab rats when they were fed a high-cholesterol diet for 30 days.

7 – Controls blood glucose levels

Continuously increasing blood sugar levels in your body can lead to the risk of becoming insulin resistant and consequently diabetic.

Consuming matcha tea helps you regulate and reduce blood sugar levels in your body because the tea contains a high amount of dietary fiber, which keeps your appetite at bay for a long time and thus limits you from overeating.

And when you’re not very hungry or overeating, your body’s glucose levels won’t spike. This, in turn, will also help prevent the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Hopefully, these matcha tea benefits will help your health in a variety of ways, but all you need to do is choose and drink pure, pure tea. You can buy traditional Japanese matcha tea online or you can get it directly from any popular matcha tea sellers in India.

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