Looking for a quick, simple and nutritious breakfast for your kids (or maybe yourself)?

Diana Keuilian’s Breakfast Bird Nests are a perfect choice.

Not only are breakfast birds’ nests amazingly delicious, but they can provide a steady flow of energy throughout the morning without the heavy sugar crash that leads to fatigue and poor concentration (which is all too common with most processed breakfast cereals!).

Best of all, Breakfast Bird Nests don’t require a lot of hard-to-find ingredients or a lot of prep time.

All you need is tomatoes, onions, garlic, olive oil and eggs.

Diana recommends getting fresh, organic ingredients whenever possible; local farms, farmers markets, or community-supported agriculture subscription boxes are a good way to get quality ingredients (often cheaper than at the supermarket).

Want to jazz up your Breakfast Bird Nest? Sprinkle your favorite herbs and spices on top (Diana recommends oregano, black pepper and sea salt) or add a quick hot sauce.